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First of all, we must concentrate on a current moment. Feel it, taste it and enjoy it to its fullness.

At the start, this will not be easy to achieve. The mind is apt to constant activity and will tell us usual picture from the past and our thoughts will return to our plans just for the near future: a couple of days, months or years.



You have to master proper, i.e. positive attitude, most of all distance to the surrounding world and unpleasant surprises that it brings along.

Otherwise your troubles will de-mobilize you completely. The strikes that we experience in our life, accumulating difficulties overlapping one on the other and mounting problems will deprive you from all our energy, make you exhausted and disappointed. Over time these feelings may also ruin your physical health.



You believe in what your mind believes in. Reactions of sub-consciousness to our thoughts is indeed nothing else as our experiences, emotions, etc. Thought, and at the same time prayer, is the source of our activities.

Our consciousness works on the basis of knowledge, logics and scientific achievements   accumulated in us over years. Our sub-consciousness, however, acts differently, i.e., in a creative way.



People usually understand happiness as a unique state of consciousness, thus different (in a positive way) of our everyday experiences. Happiness gives us access to a magic dimension in which all laws and principles of everyday existence are suspended.



The key to joyful life is finding ones’ own identity and accepting ourselves as we are. The secret of how to live a happy life is seated deep inside us. However, we should perceive the man, his self, happiness and health not only in a scale of an individual organism but on a wider scale: in the cosmic space dimension. 



Our senses tell us that the human body is made of a homogenous, non-changing and permanent mass. The human body can also be described in terms of various physical categories. Thus such qualities can be determined as the period of the body’s existence, such parameters as the body weight in kilograms and skin properties, as well as body temperature and many other factors.  Such a perception of the human body as a static and homogenous creation originated in the 19th and 20th century physics, chemistry and biology.



Thinking about the future is only seemingly creative. True, it may appear an inseparable aspect of acting: how can one possibly does not think about the future when one sets some aims in life and aspires to reach them? Nevertheless, you must distinguish such a necessary planning from harmful focusing on the future, which takes place at the cost of the present moment.



You should firmly instill in yourself a conviction of your own strength, originating from your will-power. First, you must learn to make decisions and next how to bring them into reality in a systematic way. One key to success is realization that you have enough strong will and energy to put your plans into reality.



Man lives in a society; without it one feels  unsatisfied; nevertheless one also experiences all the negative consequences of the necessity to live together with others. Among the negative aspects is suffering and diseases resulting from a psychic tension from relationships between people. Obviously, among the people prone to illnesses we find many people who have serious problems in family, in the closest circle and the milieu of their work place.



The corporation is a place in which one is subjected to an utmost pressure of the surrounding, and thus lose his own self. An employee on each work place in the hierarchy is just a small  wheel in a machinery that does not leave any time for self-analysis and deeper reflection. Corporations are organizations which have their own specific rules that transform people into rats.



Similarly to baron Münchhausen who could convincingly and with great sill describe his totally invented adventures, a person suffering the syndrome named after him is capable to suggest everybody that he has health problems. 



Family is a treasure mostly for the child. For him, it is an oasis of peace and safety. It is also a forge of character – a place where a man from his very youth learns socially accepted behavior, finds (or not) approval for his deeds, is shaped to resemble his parents and act according to ethical principles of his epoch in which he is raised.



You will die. You may not be thinking about it now, but there is no doubt you will die. Sadly, if your own child will help you die. This may come true in many different ways, murder including.

The above sentences may shock you or they may seem to you as an unlikely scenario. Nevertheless, they may hide a deeper sense.



You must realize that cruelty is inside you–this is a first step towards fighting it. Your mind must gain control over cruelty in you.

The process of gaining control over your own cruelty embraces three stages. Thus, you should:



Love has a healing strength, no matter weather it has a for of uniesienia, jakie przeżywa artist in a creative process, emotion towards your partner or children, or mystical adherence to God. Love spreads wings of consciousness. But first – before it grows to its spiritual essence–it goes through seven stages. It culminates in ecstasy that is understood as liberation.



Love is stronger than hatred. Building is an instinct stronger than the ill-will to destroy. Life entails death, but death will never constitute a part of life.

A furious man has animal strength. Anger is enforced with energy, indeed a deep concentration of existence. It is so only because hatred and love are mutually complementary. They are not opposites but they are complementary. 



Sex for a human being is most of all a great opportunity to raise to a higher level of consciousness and experiences which originate in the deepest spheres of our intimate self. This is a way up that is based on transformation of thinking, feeling and perception.

The opposite side of freeing new streams of consciousness via sex is suppression of sexual needs; by suppressing them we create a space for  different deviations.


The secret of sight improvement, just like in many other diseases, is your will power and your positive emotional attitude to self treatment. Volitional and emotional processes increase inflow of blood to the organ damaged in the patient; this enables improvement of his condition.


Overweight is today a very serious problem occurring in many wealthy countries around the world–contrasting with the problem of chronic malnutrition in the poorer regions. This phenomenon has many reasons. Most important among them are insufficient movement and wrong diet, as can be seen thus the fault is thus evidently our own.



Ayurveda is a system of medicine originating from ancient India and its tradition dates back for five thousand years. The name itself means „knowledge wiedzę on life” or „course of life.” As a concept of health and therapy, since 1979 it is recognized by the World Health Organization–thus, it has nothing to do with amator healing, not to mention chamanry.



Why do we eat? First, we eat to sustain life activities, supply the organism with components necessary for everyday activity. Moreover, we eat because we want to have good looks and have good  samopoczucie. These factors are reflected in the recommendations prepared by the Institute of Food and Nutrition with cooperation of the Committee of Nutrition of Man, Polish Academy of Sciences, and Polish Society for Food Sciences, which will be presented below.



The way we eat has a decisive influence on the presence of stress, and in  effect occurring and development of diseases. The connection between diet and cancer has been proved some time ago by scientists. What should we do then?

The nature offers us fruit and vegetables which are particularly beneficial for our organism.



As we all know, and as it is confirmed by all religions worldwide, as well as physicians and ethical  systems, the human personality is made of two elements: physical and spiritual. Our aim is to emphasize that in fact the latter root is decisive for a man: thanks to a nice behavior and attitude towards the world you will be able to exert meaningful and decisive influence on our physical condition and health.



How to chose a proper diet?

Keep in mind the secrets of a proper diet:

1. pH is the basis of good health. We do not suffer from overweight but from too much acid in the  organism. The process of loosing weight should begin from getting rid of acids in the organism. In fact, 80% of foods we eat shoud be alkaline; all people suffering poor health should eliminate acid products all together.




Breathing is one of the most import ant activities of the human organism. We breathe from the very moment of our coming to the world. But… how do we breathe and do we breathe well?


We frequently feel that we are ill but a disease objectively exists only after a medical diagnosis given on the basis of specific criteria (test results, forensic examinations, auscultation etc.). Only then does the treatment begin. Actually, however, doctors usually only assist us in our sickness by applying the available medications.


First of all, you have to get rid of the conviction that the deterioration of sight is something incurable and must by accepted as such. The condition of our eyesight is constantly changing – not necessarily to the worse. Concentrating on traditional cures is a short-scyjnym jest działaniem na krótką metę – after some time one must go and see an eye doctor again, have eye examination anew and finally buy new, stronger glasses.


The fact that human personality consists of two elements: (1) physical and (2) spiritual, has been known to us for a long time, and all religions in the world as well as doctors and ethicists support this thesis. Our aim is to emphasize that the latter one is of pivotal importance. It must be also stressed that through our competent conduct and proper attitude towards the world, we are fully able to influence our physical condition and wellbeing. 

You are born in solitude and you die in solitude. And what is between, that is your life, is also filled with solitude. However, most of us confuse solitude with loneliness. When you are lonely, you hunger for other people. Being lonely is a torment of the soul, while being alone (solitude) is part of our nature and the cure, at the same time 

Until recently it was believed that cancer is a disease of the elderly or middle-aged people. Nowadays, increasing cancer incidence is being recorded among young or very young people .

The most common cancers are lung, colon, breast, and prostate cancer. Patient awareness is increasing, there are more and more associations, such as federations of mastectomised women, people exchange their experiences, scientists study the disease, but the causes still remain unclear. 


Allergy affects oversensitive persons. They take a defensive position which frequently results in aggression against others. This impulsiveness originates in fear of others, of being hurt by them.

The following tips can help eliminate the original cause of allergy:

Quote for today

Happiness Happiness is the  state of consciousness that can occur only during the processing of complex information. Thus, you wahe to develop your spirit and your senses – in  this way we can earn more possibilities to feel happiness. (s. 39)
Power of the mind We are not aware of the power of our minds, of our capabilities and that it needs only little will power to use them. All you have to do is use principle of concentration of power, i.e. learn how to distinguish import ant matters from trivial ones and  do not seek  problems where they do not exist. (s. 72)
Rationality in work Work is well done when you do not feel exhausted with it after its completion (s. 117)
Desires of the mind The mind always desires something it cannot achieve. The more we possess, the more we feel deprived. (s. 287)
Your body weight depends on your mind The mind is a key to solving the problem of obesity (or anorexia). (...) You will not be able to control your diet, overeating  (or anorexia), unless you are able to control the state of your mind. (s. 294)
Eliminate stress (…) elimination of stress is equal to the process of recovery. (s. 50)
Consciousness and health The body without consciousness is healthy.  Healthy consciousness transfers the disease to the body. (s. 262)
Care for the present time The past does not hide anything interesting. Release yourself from it and live in the present time. (s. 304)
Diet and health (…) do not stick to a strict diet – instead eat well. This will suffice zn – both for the healthy body and soul. (s. 244)
Love Only someone  filled with love lives to the fullest of live. Mind you, those in love are usually healthy Or even symptoms of diseases in them vanish. Love is the main basis of health. (s. 182)

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