Review of Fr. Dr. Edward Janikowski

You do not have to seek consolation, you should seek God-He offers consolation. In fact you do not have to seek God. He comes to us by himself. But you must be open and welcome Him. This thought comes to my mind after reading the book entitled   Unimaginable. The Power and Paradoxes of Our Minds I can find the key message of the book also in the biography of its author. Mr. Bonkowski is well known, not only in the Poznan district but also throughout Poland, as a founder of the Association for Orphans which for over thirty years has been active in helping orphans and disabled people in finding suitable accommodation as well as in providing them with  rehab equipment to ease their life, enable education and start of professional career.



Review of Senior Bishop Dr. Stanislaw Stefanek

Mr. Witold Bońkowski, a lawyer and entrepreneur, has invested the fruit of his passion and professional energy into a well-developing car company as well as into sharing it with the people who  need help at the utmost. Among them are  young people who in the time of gaining legal maturity do not have elementary conditions to gain independence in their lives (such as accommodation, job, etc.).


Review MD Zdzislaw Kapelski

Due to the mad speed of development of science and technology, the conditions of human existence are changing faster and faster. These changes make it necessary for the man, and most of all for his brain, to  use adaptive mechanisms in order to maintain homeostasis of life. Fortunately, the human brain has a huge potential of adaptive possibilities and creativity that have not been fully recognized yet.


Quote for today

Happiness Happiness is the  state of consciousness that can occur only during the processing of complex information. Thus, you wahe to develop your spirit and your senses – in  this way we can earn more possibilities to feel happiness. (s. 39)
Diet and health (…) do not stick to a strict diet – instead eat well. This will suffice zn – both for the healthy body and soul. (s. 244)
Eliminate stress (…) elimination of stress is equal to the process of recovery. (s. 50)
Your body weight depends on your mind The mind is a key to solving the problem of obesity (or anorexia). (...) You will not be able to control your diet, overeating  (or anorexia), unless you are able to control the state of your mind. (s. 294)
Consciousness and health The body without consciousness is healthy.  Healthy consciousness transfers the disease to the body. (s. 262)
Care for the present time The past does not hide anything interesting. Release yourself from it and live in the present time. (s. 304)
Love Only someone  filled with love lives to the fullest of live. Mind you, those in love are usually healthy Or even symptoms of diseases in them vanish. Love is the main basis of health. (s. 182)
Desires of the mind The mind always desires something it cannot achieve. The more we possess, the more we feel deprived. (s. 287)
Power of the mind We are not aware of the power of our minds, of our capabilities and that it needs only little will power to use them. All you have to do is use principle of concentration of power, i.e. learn how to distinguish import ant matters from trivial ones and  do not seek  problems where they do not exist. (s. 72)
Rationality in work Work is well done when you do not feel exhausted with it after its completion (s. 117)

Witold Bońkowski Foundation. The Power and Paradoxes of Our Minds.

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Unimaginable: The Power and Paradoxes of Our Minds deals with the unusual power of the mind. The fundamental motive of this book is trust in power and capabilities of the human mind in combating diseases, stress and worries.

Książka Niewyobrażalne. Potęga i paradoksy naszych umysłów