For me, the book is not only interesting to read , but most of all it is  a guide in moments of doubts and problems in our life. Worries, hate, diseases, stress, and suffering accompany our everyday life. Due to fine descriptions of how they work and what harm they do to us, as well as how to deal with them  – I was awaken to hope and trust. I had an impression that the author knows the depth of our souls and describes things that are well-known to everybody and close to us. We lose our instinctive knowledge because we join “rat race”, and thus ignore the distinction between what is good and what is destructive to us. We lose time for things that block our hearts and heads. It is necessary that someone makes it evident to us, so that we can stop  and think. The book had such an effect for me. Is love a key to health? Banal question  – everybody knows the answer… . But how many of us does not find time to experience it consciously. I wish to thank the author for reminding me about this truth and many other facts.

Finally, I want to say that I admire the fact that the  book is so readable, I appreciate its style, its deep wisdom and completeness.

I wish every success to the Foundation, and satisfaction from its every day work.



Piotr Krawczyk

Witold Bońkowski Foundation. The Power and Paradoxes of Our Minds.

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Unimaginable: The Power and Paradoxes of Our Minds deals with the unusual power of the mind. The fundamental motive of this book is trust in power and capabilities of the human mind in combating diseases, stress and worries.

Książka Niewyobrażalne. Potęga i paradoksy naszych umysłów