In July this year, I  received the book „Niewyobrażalne…”Unimaginable: The Power and Paradoxes of Our Mindsby Witold Bońkowski from a friend with whom I have discussed the topic of  vegetarianism. He is a vegetarian himself and he pointed to me a fragment of one chapter entitled  DIET. It shows that meat in the diet is not as healthy as we often think. I was very interested  and decided to read the entire chapter.

While reading it, I thought about me. I was moved because everything I read was truth. Typically, our bodies are full of acids. We eat empty calories, such as sweets,  fast foods, we drink sweet soft drinks. I decided to act immediately and wanted to stick to the recommendations from the book. Why others can do it and not me? I wanted to change my attitude and proceeded step by step with it, as it seemed simple. I used to try other diets, but I always experienced yoyo effect.

My positive attitude made me buy a bottle of mineral water and I announced to my daughter that I give up soft drinks all together, especially coca-cola, but she did not believe me.  Moreover, I gave up all the so-called empty calories.

At first, I drank 3 liters of water per day to clean my organism from harmful elements and gradually introduced healthy foods, as it was recommended in the book’s chapter.

The effects appeared already after the first week. Then I limited the quantity of water, as it became cold outside, and instead I drank red tea. Additionally, I practiced physical exercises and jogging, at first at short distances, next longer ones. Today I ran for 6 or 7 kms every day.

It lasted for three  months. And I am still losing weight. I weigh 20 kgs less. All this is a proof that a positive attitude relies on the power of our  minds: All you have to do is believe in it  and listen to it. I used to be nervous, but now I am calm and I appreciate myself and other people. My relatives noticed that I am relaxed and joyful.

Now I know that miracle diets are not needed. We simply need to use our own mind. We should be directed to a new way of thinking. One should read the chapter DIET as it made me take a decision right now, and the fruit of it are clearly visible.

I will read the next chapter and comment on the final effect soon.

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Unimaginable: The Power and Paradoxes of Our Minds deals with the unusual power of the mind. The fundamental motive of this book is trust in power and capabilities of the human mind in combating diseases, stress and worries.

Książka Niewyobrażalne. Potęga i paradoksy naszych umysłów