The book highlights knowledge on the influence of the mind on the human organism.




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We are living in the world of rules based on the values which were instilled/imposed on us by our parents during an education process as well as on principles that let us exist in a concrete community: local, state, all-human. Only in a situation that raises strong emotions in us, we can recognize our own Self, confront ourselves with adverse destiny, define our needs and understand our own organism, body and mind.


Lack of faith in recovery of your health will not help you to conquer the illness.

You need a shock in order to  raise your will-power.


Children require constant attention. They mostly need caresses, attention and love, and they never feel they have enough. As a result, it often happens that a mother sends back her child to a father, father to grandmother, grandmother to grandfather, thus a child is an in-between the adults, not finding full satisfaction originating from a natural need to be loved. Once in a while a small kid fells ill. Once, twice, for the third time. Than he or she observes a change in the behavior of his relatives. All of a sudden the parents are intensifying their interest in their child, tenderly stroke his forehead, little stomach, they fulfill all his wishes, buy him favorite foods, read fairy tales. All of a sudden, the illness becomes a means of bringing lots of attention.

Witold Bońkowski Foundation. The Power and Paradoxes of Our Minds.

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Unimaginable: The Power and Paradoxes of Our Minds deals with the unusual power of the mind. The fundamental motive of this book is trust in power and capabilities of the human mind in combating diseases, stress and worries.

Książka Niewyobrażalne. Potęga i paradoksy naszych umysłów