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How to improve your sight?

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First of all, you have to get rid of the conviction that the deterioration of sight is something incurable and must by accepted as such. The condition of our eyesight is constantly changing – not necessarily to the worse. Concentrating on traditional cures is a short-scyjnym jest działaniem na krótką metę – after some time one must go and see an eye doctor again, have eye examination anew and finally buy new, stronger glasses.


On the one hand, this procedure demonstrates a natural way of medical treatment in our society, on the other hand it shows that we are helpless in case of eye sight deterioration.

We should remember, however, that faulty measures taken to counter balance changes in the functioning of sight will not help but, on the contrary, may bring adverse effects. One of the main reasons of deterioration of sight is a static state of the eye, insufficient mobility of eye ball, over-concentration of view on one space or point. Moreover, when we over-react emotionally to overwhelming stress, we sentence the eyes to defensive reactions such as  “blurring” the picture or even temporary switching off receiving pictures. But our purpose should be to learn to watch the whole world, everything that surrounds us.


Over-concentration of eye attention on just one spot or a narrow sector (the so-called central seeing) results in increase of pressure in the eye ball. This increased pressure on the eye nerve with time may lead to glaucoma. One of the most important functions of eye exercises is relaxation. It is important because our eyes are at work on the average for 17 hours per day. Even at night, during the sleep, the sight nerve does not stop working and during dreams the eye ball is moving under the closed eye-lids. Wear-out of the eyes is thus self-evident and natural.

Next issue is adaptation of the eye to light. People who work in an open space, with lots of Sun light, typically have better eyesight than those who work in dark rooms. However, when staying outside we should see the light as it is and not use dark sun glasses and avoid squinting one’s eyes. Sun glasses are indispensible, for example, while driving with intensive sun light or in specific professions as a protective means such as steel industry hutnictwie. Every day sun glasses do more harm to the sight than they protect it. It is beneficiary for the eye to look with uncovered pupils of the eyes, as the pupils are getting accustomed to permanent changes in intensity of the light.

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