Vaccines save life

The cost of tetanus vaccine is 19 grosz (grosz = 1/100 polish zloty), against TB – 31, and polio – 41. With so little money, the lives of many children can be saved.


In the West obligatory vaccinations against most dangerous diseases are an obvious fact. Thanks to them many dangerous diseases are no longer present there. Nevertheless, every fifth child throughout the world is threatened  because they do not get three vaccines DI TE PER.

In the Third World, the UNICEF is responsible for vaccination of children. It operates programs for vaccination of children in Syria, Congo and Sierra Leone; every third child worldwide gets vaccines thanks to the  UNICEF [1].

Why are vaccines so important for good health?

  • the death of almost one third of children of 5 years of age and younger  is caused by diseases that can be prevented via protective vaccines.
  • In 2000-2011,  the number of children deaths because of measles declined by 71%,
  • vaccines help combat  polio; in 1988 it was endemic in as many as  125 countries, while today it is present in only three (Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan),
  • vaccinations are  combined with other activities to save human lives such as worldwide Days of Child Health organized by the UNICEF [2].


Vaccines offer one of the cheapest and most effective methods of protection of children from such dangerous diseases as measles, polio and teases [3]– as states  Mahendra Sheth, UNICEF Regional Medical Consultant. Children without vaccinations are weaker and grow slower. Also every pregnant woman needs protection from teases to make sure that her child is safe [4].

Poland also benefited in the past from UNICEF and its activities. Soon after WW II, UNICEF vaccinated against TB 2.5 mln children, paid for equipment to TB diagnoses, provided malaise vaccines and laboratories to produce vaccines.  At present  Poland is free from dangerous diseases that are still present in the developing  countries – and now we can help others. This idea of helping children is propagated since 2005) the first Polish Ambassador of Good Will, Małgorzata Foremniak; she helped finance programs of vaccination for children and women in Congo and Sierra Leone.


Basic vaccines cost very little, yet they can save so many lives!


 41 grosz –  polio vaccine

 31 grosz – TB vaccine

19 grosz – teasus vaccine


How to help?


DobreDukaty. „The Rest is in Your Hands” is the program of UNICEF, in cooperation with Mennica Polska, producer of charity  monetary  action called „Dobre Dukaty”. Its patron is Magdalena Różczka, another Polish Ambassador of Good Will. All you have to do is tell the cashier in selected shops that you want part of your rest to be paid in  „Dobre Dukaty”. Income from this action goes for buying DI TE PER vaccines that save lives of the youngest children [5].

Fellows save children. This action’ goal is to collect funds for DI TE PER vaccines for 250,000 children and 800,000 pregnant women in Sierra Leone. Just for 74 zł 180 polio vaccines can be purchased. The Project is supported by Przemysław Saleta, Łukasz Nowicki, Sebastian Karpiel Bułecka and other  men.

UNICEF cards (in the period before Christmas). Just one card equals   polio vaccines for  3 children. 100 cards equals the cost of living for an orphan in Africa for one year.


So little, and can change someone’s life completely!

Quote for today

Eliminate stress (…) elimination of stress is equal to the process of recovery. (s. 50)
Power of the mind We are not aware of the power of our minds, of our capabilities and that it needs only little will power to use them. All you have to do is use principle of concentration of power, i.e. learn how to distinguish import ant matters from trivial ones and  do not seek  problems where they do not exist. (s. 72)
Desires of the mind The mind always desires something it cannot achieve. The more we possess, the more we feel deprived. (s. 287)
Consciousness and health The body without consciousness is healthy.  Healthy consciousness transfers the disease to the body. (s. 262)
Care for the present time The past does not hide anything interesting. Release yourself from it and live in the present time. (s. 304)
Love Only someone  filled with love lives to the fullest of live. Mind you, those in love are usually healthy Or even symptoms of diseases in them vanish. Love is the main basis of health. (s. 182)
Rationality in work Work is well done when you do not feel exhausted with it after its completion (s. 117)
Diet and health (…) do not stick to a strict diet – instead eat well. This will suffice zn – both for the healthy body and soul. (s. 244)
Your body weight depends on your mind The mind is a key to solving the problem of obesity (or anorexia). (...) You will not be able to control your diet, overeating  (or anorexia), unless you are able to control the state of your mind. (s. 294)
Happiness Happiness is the  state of consciousness that can occur only during the processing of complex information. Thus, you wahe to develop your spirit and your senses – in  this way we can earn more possibilities to feel happiness. (s. 39)

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