Water – source of life and health

Water, so common in the Nature – seemingly unimportant, in fact is indispensible. Not only people but also all other forms of life on the earth depend on it. That is why the quality of drinking water is so crucial.

Water is a source of life at least in two meanings: First, evolution started in water environment and continued here for a long time. Second,  all mammals begin life in fetal waters.

Water has been intriguing for people for ages. One of the latest proofs of this interest is a controversial film „Water – a big mystery” [1] – an evidence of  fascination of scientists as well as religious leaders. As we now know,  water  may hide a number of secrets that are yet unrecognized in the contemporary science. What is even more surprising, an interest in this unique substance enables a dialogue between scientists and a clergy of many large religions. Symbolic senses of water as the source of the world and its beginning, possibly are not that far from what scientists say about it  [2]

Let us begin, however, from the least controversial theses. The human body consists of  60-70%  water; the human brain contains 80-85%  water [3]. The largest amount of water –  97% and 86%, respectively – is in the stomach juices and in blood [4]. That is precisely why what we drink has a key importance for our health.

First of all, we should drink ... water. It is not enough to drink other drinks. Juices, tea, and coffee do not fulfill thirst, but moreover do not exert as beneficial influence as water does. Water removes toxins from the body, as well as unnecessary elements from human cells; it also provides more oxygen for the organism and helps keep electrolytic balance [5], so important for our every day functions. As Dr Michał Tombak confirms, water is crucial for preventing cancers [6]. Therefore apart from drinks and soups we should drink pure water. Out of 1,5 liter of water we drink, some 0,5 l is  excreted  by the skin, and 0,7 l in  urine; to compensate water necessary for the purification of the body we need 2,5 to 3,5 liters.

The quality of drinking water has direct influence on our health. The condition of our joints, blond vessels, kidneys and pancreas, skin – all this depends on the quality of water [7]. Water can be a cure or a poison.  Not only because of its purity or impurity, but due to its  chemical composition and  structure: typical purification which help get rid of dangerous  biological elements in case of water does not suffice. Usually it involves also addition of chlorine to water, and chlorine is harmful for humans. Moreover, boiling water does not remove chlorine present in it. We can get rid of chlorine only by evaporation – leaving water for  2-3 hours and next boiling it [8].


Mineral waters are not always better than water from tap: they often are worse as far as their chemical composition than tap water. Some mineral waters even contain radioactive substances. Typically they contain  calcium and iron salts which cannot be absorbed by the body and retain in our joints and muscles. In Dr. Tombak’s opinion, we should drink mineral water during 2-4 weeks, and then make a break in the treatment for  3-4 months [9].


Thus, what kind of water should we drink? The most significant factor to take into consideration is … molecular structure. The so-called structured water is the healthiest. Why?




Water and memory


Many alternative medicine specialist believes in the hypothesis that water (like the computer) can collect and store information. Its particles, in contact with particles of other substances, adapt a specific location and emit vibrations, which are stored. Structured water is equipped in energy which is “dead” (boiled or distilled) water is deprived. The hypothesis that “water has memory” is a basis of, i.e. homeopathy: it explains that mechanism of even minimal concentration of drug in solution keeps its treatment quality. The working of homeopathic drugs in such a way was explained by the French immunologist Jacques Benveniste. The Japanese Masaru Emoto conducted numerous experiments to prove the influence of human mind on the structure of water; he studied the  relation of frozen  water and the  music, words and pictures. In his opinion molecular structure of water is reflected in the sight of its frozen crystals. Water forms harmonious, beautiful crystals, in reaction to the word „thank you” or to a prayer on the other hand;  in response to  „you are stupid” water forms chaotic  „ugly” structures [10]. „Vivid”, that is abundant in information and energy, water in mountainous creeks forms symmetrical structures. On the other hand, tap water has a chaotic, unharmonious structure. Boiled water is  „dead”: boiling destroys particles of information and  deprives water of its energy.


Dr. Tombak adds that human organism’s cells contain  structurized water; every kind of liquid must be purified and  processed in such a way as to be transformed into water; that is why the more energy we lose to transform water which is unnecessary for our organism, the less energy is left to  regenerate cells and fight diseases [11]. But if we provide our organism with  structured water, we can save a lot of its work.


Since we know that tap water is contaminated – how can we get access to structurized water?


Many companies offers a variety of re-vitalizers – machines (as a rule very expensive) which enable restoration of  water quality; but there is a simple way to achieve it. Dr. Tombak tells us that we can „revitalize” water through its freezing and then re-freezing. Water from melted ice is better for our organism and it provides it with more oxygen. Water (left for a few hours in order to get rid of chlorum) next should be boiled, cooled, and finally left in refrigerator in  temperature of 4ºC for 2-3 hours; in winter, it will suffice to place the vessel with water outside the window. Water treated in such a way has the same qualities as  water contained in the cells of our organism. You should drink it every day; one glass of structurized water every morning can cure many  disturbances [12]. According to Dr. Tombak, structurized water is also contained in vegetables and fruit and that is why fresh fruit and vegetable juices are so valuable for good health.




Secret of pH


Not only structure of water is import ant but also its pH.  Chemically pure water has pH that equals 7 [13]; unfortunately, the water we drink is typically acidized. This is true both of tap water and  mineral waters; in the  Internet one can compare pH of mineral waters available  on the Polish market; some of them are worse than tap water in this respect [14]. Interestingly, more mineralized waters have lower  pH. Why Ph is so important? The microbiologist Robert O. Young claims that we gain weight  not because of too much fat in the diet but because our food contains too much acids. Thus the secret of how to get slim is in more foods of alkaline reaction – and in water. We gain weight typically because of too little water in our diet; accidation of organism results in an increase of fat issue (as it protects the inner organs against acids) and storage of water in the organism in order to neutralize acid liquids.


To get slimmer, we  must regularly purify the organism; this task can be made easier thanks to a sufficient amount of water intake. It is not so easy to obtain it, since the water we drink should have  pH higher than  7.5. Some followers of  „pH miracle” diet advocate the use of distilleries or electronic filters. Good effects can also be achieved when we add a small amount of  regular soda (2-3 tea spoons per 1 liter of water). We should drink a lot of such  „alkaline” water: 1 liter per each 18 kg of body weight (e.g.,  someone  weighing 54 kg should drink daily 3 liters of alkaline water) [15].


Ayurveda, the system of traditional Hindu medicine, emphasis the role of drinking  water for good health; moreover, it points to its temperature. Water we drink should be very warm, as it is better for the digestive system. We should drink water often, at best every half an hour, in lesser quantities.




Contact with water heals us


Water should not only be drank but it also has other outside applications. In many religious systems water is a symbol of rebirth and purification, and water is significant in many  rituals – baptism or ritual bath in Judaism, Islam and Hinduism [16].


Contact with water heals us not only in  spiritual or symbolic sense but  is also beneficial for our body. When you take a shower, a natural electric potential of the body is rebuilt [17]; your muscles and heart get stronger, enhances immunity from a disease, is beneficial for blood circulation and stimulates metabolism. As Dr. Tombak tells us, particularly beneficial is  warm and cold showers one by one. Warm water improves blood flow under skin; on the other hand, cold water stimulates circulation of blood in the inner organs. Cold and warm shower stimulates digestion and improves immunity to weather changes. Shower should last for  3 to 5 minutes. For 20 seconds you take warm shower, and for next 10 seconds warm shower. But first you should prepare yourself for cold water.


Contact  with water in the Nature is more important than contact with tap water [18]. According to  Ayurveda recommendations, water in the nature is a source of  prana – cosmic  energy [19].  It is worthwhile to swim in a natural body of water in order to regenerate,  relax and renew contact with unique source of  life energy. As can be seen, spending free time at the lake or sea shore  is  not only a  style of  life or fashion – but it also exerts beneficial influence on our health.


Water is one of major keys to our health  – do not ignore it!

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